Trinity Spacia Progressive
Versatile Design for Today's Presbyope

Today’s presbyopes are far more active, both physically and visually, than previous generations. They rely on mid-range vision for professional work at computers or in meetings, and use their distance vision extensively for travel, sightseeing, outdoor activities and athletics.

Trinity Spacia™ is created for this group, with a versatile, soft progressive design providing spacious mid-range and distance viewing for professional, technology and outdoor activities.

Feature Benefit
Extra-wide, crisp intermediate vision Ample clear vision for today’s multiple professional and technology activities at mid-range
Wide, spacious distance vision Extended visual comfort in outdoor environments
Ample, balanced near vision Easy accessibility and visual comfort for occasional close-up tasks


Cone of Binocular Vision
Each eye sees a 30° field of clear vision, but it is the overlapping 30° field from both eyes that adds three-dimensionality, or perspective, to the acuity of each eye.

The Trinity Spacia design maximizes vision in the overlapping Cone of Binocular Vision in order to deliver intense focus control and perspective in the mid-range and distance zones.

Trinity Spacia Wearer Profile

Who is the ideal wearer for a professional / outdoor progressive design?

User Added Value
Tablet users Extra-wide and long intermediate allows full, easy viewing of tablet screens
Myopes Progressive wearers who don't want or can't afford a dedicated pair of computer lenses get ample mid-range vision for viewing their computers
Business/trade professionals Emphasis on an extra-wide distance and intermediate area helps myopes who experience blur in these ranges
Outdoor enthusiasts Golfers, fishers, and others enjoy wide, clear distance viewing during recreational activities
Travelers, sightseers Extra wide, clear distance vision enhances road travel and sightseeing



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