HDRx™ Credit & Remake Policy


Lab / Doctor’s Redo
We offer a one-time “No Fault” Guarantee within the first 60 days. Please reference the original invoice number along with specific reason for remake.

Augen Optics reserves the right to request return of lenses for further analysis.

Augen Optics Errors
Augen Optics remakes are always processed at No Charge. We do reserve the right to request return of lenses.

Cancellation Policy
Orders may be cancelled at no charge if not yet generated. No credit allowed for orders already generated.

Prism Thinning
Prism thinning is calculated on all progressive designs. If no thinning prism desired, please note on order.

Shipping and Delivery
There will be a shipping charge on days products are shipped.


Augen Optics products are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship at the time of delivery.

Anti-Reflective Coatings
Anti-reflective and thermal hard coatings are warranted for scratches and adhesion failure under normal wear & tear as follows:

  • HD AR – 1 Year
  • HD AR Plus – 2 Years
  • HD AR Premium – 2 Years

We do reserve the right to request return of lenses.

Terms of Payment
Prices are NET 30 from statement date. We do reserve the right to change the Therms based on individual account credit check. Your account must be in good standing at all times to ensure timely processing of ordered Rx’s.



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