Children frames

Supporting Mexican childhood

More than 2 million glasses delivered

While most of children frames are only smaller versions of adult frames, Augen has created Vigeo*


Custom design

Vigeo* is designed to comfortably adjust to 97.5% of children between the ages of 6 and 18. The design is ergonomic and based on the measures of the eyes and faces of more than 500,000 children and teenagers.



Its memory material, manufactured in Switzerland, allows Vigeo* frames to stand "rough" handling without breaking or losing their original shape, - as it usually happens with common frames- which makes them ideal for children, and ensures the peace of mind of every parent.


Comfort and safety

The nose and temple pads provide security and a sensation of smoothness, but at the same time they are resistant to sweat, heat, water, oils, and certain chemicals.

Award-winning design

Vigeo* has been recognized by several prestigious international organizations for its excellent design and its contribution to the program "Ver Bien para Aprender Mejor" (see well to learn better).

2015 Collection

13 color combinations to choose from.
The modern design and colors help children not feel stigmatized by the fact that they wear glasses.

Collaboration with program "Ver Bien para Aprender Mejor"

As a technological partner of the program "Ver Bien para Aprender Mejor", since 2010, Augen Opticos has supported this noble cause by processing more than 2 million prescriptions.