Our Story

Over 20 years manufacturing wellness

We started over 20 years ago as a small optical laboratory producing plastic lenses.

Today, we are an international manufacturer of lenses, with a full team of Research & Development, manufacturing and processing.

Our beginnings

Augen was constituted in the eighties in order to bring the convenience of optical resin lenses to the Mexican market, which at the time was made up almost entirely of mineral glass lenses, using precision and technology previously unavailable in the market.


Optical resin lenses are characterized by weighing less than 50% than mineral glass lenses, their cost is much more accessible to users in the Mexican market and delivery times are a fraction than the competition. These three qualities allowed Augen's growth and to establish itself as a network of laboratories nationwide.


Research and development

While Augen Opticos expanded its network of laboratories across the major metropolitan areas of Mexico, the company added the component of research and development, to continue on its path towards invention.


Thanks to this new component in the company, Augen created its own machinery and equipment, eventually also venturing into lens designing.

In 1991, Augen developed a 3-axis generator for creating molds for internal demand, and immediately recognized the opportunity to produce glass molds for other manufacturers. Augen has been manufacturing glass molds for the top contenders in the US market for over 15 years.

The new millennium

The headquarters, located in Ensenada, house the corporate offices, the department of research and development, as well as the processing and manufacturing facilities.


This headquarters are characterized by their distinctive tower that houses the research and development equipment and its circular-shaped offices covered with windows that surround the factory facilities, some of which are underground.

Working from a solid base

More than 25 years after its inception, Augen Opticos has transformed from a small laboratory to a complex lens manufacturing company, laying a solid foundation for future growth and evolving on par with the industry and the optical market.

Augen currently employs around 600 people of which 50 make up the administration and the research department, the rest is production staff. In addition, the Research and Development department has today in its permanent staff over 16 doctorates with international credentials and is in a continuous search for innovation in lens design and equipment to provide high-performance products and meet any visual need.