Build your business with Augen

Augen Opticos is close to you through its independent laboratory. We design and manufacture high quality lenses to differentiate your business for having premium products at reasonable prices.

In the market there are a variety of products to choose from, so why choose Augen? Because we are small enough to be flexible to meet your needs, because we are moved by our commitment to innovate to provide our customers with the latest ophthalmic advances.


Our products

In Augen, all of our products are made using our own free form manufacturing process, so you can be sure you are offering high definition lenses cut with precision and the exact characteristics for which they were created by our design team.

Our designs for Single Vision, aspheric and Double Aspheric lenses are made with patented technology to generate flatter curves in two meridians, offering patients a wider clear and natural vision range.

Augen Trinity Series™ Progressive lenses feature a wide utility design and moderately short corridor, offering accurate and clear vision, regardless of prescription, allowing for a quick and easy adaptation.

Our lenses are made with exclusive materials of the finest optical quality, including high impact Trivex, Photochromic, high index 1.56 and 1.50 Optical Resin.


Augen packages

Lower inventory costs, reduce delivery times and increase profit

All this without moving one of your optics' frames thanks to a true virtual inventory.
Augen packages are designed to facilitate frame management in our customers' optics.

Virtual Lab

Milab is Augen Optics' online laboratory, through which with an Internet connection, the eye care professional may ask for its prescriptions at any time and from anywhere, as well as check the status of its work in real time and see its Augen statement. To top it off, this service is COMPLETELY FREE!