Materials: Augen Parasol

Indoors or outdoors, live in High Definition.

The photosensitive lens that offers protection against harmful UV rays across the lens.
The research and development team of Augen Opticos has generated the technology needed to combine an optical resin similar to CR-39® with cutting-edge photochromic tints.
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The technology behind Augen Parasol allows the joint of the optical material with a photosensitive tint. From this fusion, a stable and effective lens is born which maintains its qualities even in extreme environments. This allows for durability and balance never seen in the category.

In the optical market, the Augen Parasol™ lens is heavily favored if compared with photochromic lenses: its ability to protect against UV rays and light attenuation in the active state is superior. Moreover, its zero hysteresis allows it to have a gray tone during the activation and deactivation process.

Augen Parasol™ presents a uniform gray hue when activated, and due to sensitivity in both surfaces, a darker lens is perceived. Moreover, the purple coloration produced by other lenses can be clearly explained by their graphical transmittance.

When comparing the activation and deactivation rate of Augen Parasol™, the level is much faster: in just 12 seconds is comparable to that of a solar lens, and in about 120 seconds it returns to a perceived transparency of 90% (50% transmittance).

The optical performance is very similar to that obtained in an optical resin with refractive index of 1.50, but having a low specific gravity, it is a lighter lens. The material does not compromise the optical quality of the lens as its dispersion is low and the Abbe Number is high, even higher than the human eye. It is recommended to use the same process as in optical resin lenses 1.50 for cutting, polishing and beveling. It easily accepts slotting and holes in three-piece frames with screws.