Materials: Augen HIGH IMPACT

Made with Trivex*

All optical benefits in an almost indestructible single lens.
- Excellent optical performance
- High impact resistance
- Thin and light
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Trivex development was commissioned by the US Navy to install in their helicopter cockpits and more modern aircrafts for its high optical performance and high resistance.

PPG adapted the technology in 2001 for use in the ophthalmic industry and called the material Trivex® due to its unique triple-operation features (excellent optical performance, impact resistance and ultra light weight). Trivex® founded a new category of materials for ophthalmic lenses.

Multiple benefits in a sturdy lens

Trivex® combines many high performance properties to provide exceptionally versatile material for lenses.

· ABBE value similar to the eye system.
· Excellent impact resistance comparable to polycarbonate.
· Ultra lightweight material for consumer comfort.
· 100% protection against UV rays.
· Free from internal tension due to the design of the material, for more durability.
· No adverse effects from moderate exposure to commonly used chemicals.

ABBE high value = clearer vision

The chromatic aberration or colored lenses is the result of low ABBE levels and it has been experienced by patients who see blurred colors around objects reducing the clarity of their vision. Lens materials with high ABBE values ​​help eliminate chromatic aberration.
With high ABBE values, Trivex® is the choice for eye care professionals who want to give their patients a possibly clearer vision.

Impact Protection

Lenses made of Trivex® materials are among the most impact resistant lenses available on the market. Trivex® successfully passed the FDA test ANSI Z87.1 which is the industry's standard.

Your patients can feel reassured, as they have virtually unbreakable eye protection.

Ultra Light Weight Material

Lenses made ​​of Trivex® materials are ultra lightweight, with a density of 1.1, 10% lighter than polycarbonate.
The patient will experience maximum comfort with less pressure on the bridge of his/her nose.

Free internal tension = Ideal for three piece frames

The internal tension in a lens may cause fracture and create a double refraction phenomenon, which may hinder vision. Lenses made of Trivex® have no internal tension due to material design, unlike polycarbonate which has a large internal tension. This makes it ideal for three-piece frames, which often require a moderate to high tension level in the lens.

Chemical Resistance

Unlike polycarbonate, Trivex® resists moderate exposure to chemicals commonly used in the household or optical solvents such as alcohol and acetone. You can work with lenses made with Trivex® with the full confidence that you are protecting your customers' investment.

Trivex is a trademark of PPG Industries, Inc.