One of the companies with greater integration of the optical branch in the world.

About us

Molds, lens, design, equipment, laboratories, and research and development.

Augen Opticos is one of the most respected companies in the field of processing and manufacture of ophthalmic lenses due to ongoing innovation and development of new technologies and processes in the industry. Coupled with our customers, we deliver leading-edge products and services that promote progress and growth.

More than 30 years ago, we were pioneers in the processing of ophthalmic lenses of optical resin in Mexico. Growing and vertically integrating ourselves through the years from the manufacture of glass molds, manufacture of lenses, lens processing, as well as equipment design and manufacture. This makes us one of the companies with greater integration of the optical branch in the world.

We are a private company founded on the principles of honest, ethical and reliable work, qualities which are integrated in everything we do.

Our experience

  • Glass molds

    Single Vision, Aspheric, Double Aspheric, Flat-Top, Progressive and Specialized.

  • Lens Factory

    Mass production of optical resin lenses, medium and high levels, and sensitive lenses. With a hard coat or uncoated, as well as specialty products and original equipment.

  • Equipment

    Free Form Generator, Free Form Polisher, Lens Blocker and equipment specialized for manufacturing lenses and glass molds.

  • Optical Laboratories

    Optical labs for lens processing with free form, Easy-Form technology in America, Brazil and Mexico.

  • Design of optical surfaces

    Aspheric, double aspheric (patented) progressive and regressive lens design for mass production or customized for individual patients.

  • Research and development

    Specialized research and development group with over two decades of experience in lens processing, mold manufacture and design of optical surfaces; we find ourselves in the most important markets worldwide.

“Augen Optics' goal is the design and development of premium optical products, manufactured with absolute precision and the strictest quality controls to ensure the best vision for a fair price.”