Progressive Design - NURBS
Using the NURBS Model for Greater Design Flexibility

NURBS stands for Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline, which is a mathematical model used in computer graphics for generating curves and surfaces. More specifically, NURBS are mathematical representations of 3-D geometry that can accurately describe any shape from a simple two-dimensional line or circle, to a complex 3-D organic free-form surface.

NURBS offer superior flexibility and precision for handling free form shapes through numerous control points in the design process. Some of the advantages of the NURBS model include:

  • Offers one common mathematical form for both standard analytical shapes (e.g. conics) and free form shapes
  • Provides the flexibility to design a large variety of shapes
  • Can be evaluated reasonably fast by numerically stable and accurate algorithms

Greater control in shaping lens curves
Unlike Point File analysis used in traditional progressive lens design that relies on a range of control points to approximate lens surface curvature, NURBS allows numerous control points that are also weighted to provide greater flexibility in shaping the design. This results in finer exactitude in varying the lens shape, delivering a more precise lens surface and, ultimately,even better vision performance.

All Augen High Definition Lenses® are designed using NURBS geometry in order to deliver the most technically precise vision experience possible.

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