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You’ve known us for over 20 years – the small technology-driven manufacturing company that produces precision glass molds for lens manufacturers worldwide.  Today we’re an international eyeglass lens design and manufacturing organization applying our expertise in invention to an expanded offering of technologically advanced eyeglass lens products.

Family Owned, Quality Focused
Founded in Ensenada, Mexico in 1986 by physicist Dr. Marco Antonio Machado, Augen Opticos is proud to be a family-owned business with a depth of experience that allows flexibility in meeting customer needs.  We are a quality-controlled, science-driven company focused on providing outstanding vision solutions at a fair price. 

Our expertise in premium lens design technology forms the basis for our Augen High Definition Lens™offering in single vision and progressive designs. Augen High Definition Lenses combine advanced, patented aspheric technology with optically pure lens materials to ensure wider, clearer, more natural vision for all wearers, regardless of their prescription.

The Augen vertically integrated manufacturing operation – from research and design, through software and equipment development, production and delivery – ensures maximum quality and cost efficiency throughout the lens manufacturing process.  The Augen production facility has achieved ISO Certification.

With control over both product design and manufacturing processes, Augen Opticos is able to pass cost efficiencies to our customers, giving you the opportunity to purchase an extremely high quality lens at a fair price.

What you should know about Augen:

  • Unlike most lens designs currently on the market, all Augen Opticos lens designs were developed in the last four years using digital technology.
  • Augen controls all stages of manufacturing to ensure a high level of quality control throughout the production process.
  • The Augen manufacturing plant in Ensenada is ISO Certified for lens and mold manufacturing, meeting all specifications for quality assurance.
  • Most Augen lenses are manufactured in North America, further ensuring personal oversight of production and presentation quality.
  • All Augen High Definition Lenses® are created from digitally manufactured glass molds, to ensure the integrity of the lens design.
  • Augen Opticos lenses can be ordered through all standard industry software systems, as well as online, by phone or by fax.


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