Multiple Benefits in One Tough Lens

With Trivex® impact resistant lens material by PPG, you can enhance lens performance with high optical quality material that is nearly indestructible.

- Clearer Vision. Superior optical performance with no distortion towards the edge of the lens, as is commonly found with polycarbonate material.

- Greater Protection.  100% UV protection built into the material, plus superior impact resistance – protecting your vision and lenses through all types of activities.

- More Comfort.  Thinner lens edges and centers for a more attractive profile, and ultra lightweight for more comfortable wear.

Protect Your Children During Active Play

Your children are exposed to many activities that can impact their eyeglasses and vision during play and sports, including exposure to harmful UV rays.

80% of irreversible UV damage to the eyes occurs
before the age of 18?

Protect your children’s vision with Augen lenses in impact-resistant Trivex® material.  Trivex provides 100% protection from the irreversible damage of UVA and UVB radiation, delivering the natural vision and protection your child needs for comfortable and safe play.

Experience Better Vision Than Ever

Most impact-resistant lens materials are of a relatively low optical quality and tend to compromise your vision, with blurry areas appearing towards the periphery of the lens.

New Trivex® impact-resistant lens material is proven to be of superior optical quality, with clearer vision from the center of the lens all the way to the periphery.

Augen lenses in Trivex® impact-resistant material give you the protection you’re looking for without compromising your vision. 

Go For It!  Your Eyes Will Be Protected.

Today’s active lifestyles expose our sight to unnecessary dangers – at work, during recreational activities and sports, and even in daily routines.

More than 40,000 people suffer from sports-related eye injuries every year? 

Wearing Augen lenses with Trivex impact resistant material can prevent serious eye injuries and gives you greater freedom and flexibility.

Enjoy Today’s Rimless Styles

If you’re one of the many people who enjoy today’s popular rimless frame styles, then Trivex® is your best choice of lens material.  Because of its strong and flexible characteristics, Trivex® material can be used in today’s rimless and small frames without shattering or creating stress in the lens. 

 And because Trivex® is more malleable during lens drilling than polycarbonate, it provides the same high impact resistance without the vulnerability at stress points that often leads to cracked lenses or lost screws.

Trivex® lens material is available with Augen Centurion™ Series Single Vision , Flat top and Progressive lenses.

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